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Our Services

International Trade Services


General Trading

Engage in diverse business opportunities with our general trading services. We facilitate the exchange of a wide range of goods, ensuring seamless transactions and reliable supply chains. Trust us for efficient and transparent trading solutions.


Commercial Agencies

Benefit from our commercial agency services, where we represent and promote your products or services in targeted markets. Our experienced team navigates the complexities of commercial relationships, ensuring your brand gains visibility and market share.



Expand your global footprint with our exporting services. We manage the logistics, documentation, and compliance, facilitating the smooth export of your products to international markets. Maximize your business potential with our reliable export solutions.

E - Commerce Expertise


E-Commerce Through Social Media

Harness the power of social media with our e-commerce services. We create strategic plans to market and sell your products directly through social media platforms, maximizing your online presence and connecting with a broader audience.


E-Commerce Through Websites

Optimize your online retail experience with our e-commerce website services. We design, develop, and maintain user-friendly websites that facilitate seamless transactions, providing your customers with a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.



Simplify the process of importing goods with our importing services. We handle customs clearance, logistics, and compliance, ensuring a smooth flow of products into your business. Rely on us for efficient and cost-effective importing solutions.

Online Presence Enhancement


Network Websites Designing

Elevate your brand's online presence through our network website designing services. Our team of creative professionals combines aesthetics with functionality, delivering visually appealing websites that provide an intuitive user experience, ultimately driving engagement and conversion.


Design and Production of Social Networking Programs

Empower your brand's social reach with our social networking program design and production services. We specialize in creating innovative programs that enhance user interaction, foster community engagement, and promote your brand across various social media platforms.


Electronic Equipment And Devices Systems And Software Designing

Stay at the forefront of technology with our electronic equipment and devices systems and software designing services. Whether it's hardware development, embedded systems, or software integration, we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure your electronic products are cutting-edge and efficient.

Digital Solutions




Our web hosting services provide a reliable and secure platform for your website, ensuring 24/7 accessibility. With state-of-the-art servers, robust security protocols, and efficient technical support, we guarantee a seamless online experience for your visitors.


Computer Systems and Software Designing

Transform your ideas into reality with our computer systems and software designing services. From conceptualization to implementation, we specialize in crafting customized solutions that meet your unique requirements, whether it's software applications, system architecture, or user interface design.


Network Websites Contents Entering and Supplying

Streamline your online presence with our network website content entering and supplying services. Our skilled team ensures that your website is enriched with relevant, engaging content, keeping it fresh and dynamic. Count on us for timely and accurate content updates.



Bespoke Services - A


Tajer Abu Dhabi Solutions


Comprehensive solutions tailored for businesses in Abu Dhabi, including website development, automated mailing systems, payments integration, fulfillment stores, online banking, and more.


Commercial Agencies Expansion

Specialized services for foreign companies and factories aiming to launch or expand their operations in the UAE or GCC region, facilitating seamless market entry and growth.


Foreign Product Market Entry

End-to-end setup for foreign products to be sold in the UAE or GCC, featuring Arabic website development with integrated payment systems, fulfillment store setup, logistics services, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Bespoke Services - B


Gamer & Streamer Support

Personalized services catering to gamers and streamers, encompassing PC setup, online merchandise store creation, stream design and setup, and the establishment of Discord community servers.


Custom PC Building for Developers

Tailored PC build-up services for developers and programmers, focusing on personalized and powerful systems that are upgradable and suitable for future use, ensuring optimal performance for coding and development tasks.


Customized Online Platforms

Bespoke website development, social media setup, gaming server creation, and Discord server customization, offering full customization options and seamless integrations to meet unique requirements for public or private use.

Our services may not meet your needs ?

Unlock the Potential: Scalability Assessment and Planning

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Our Scalability Assessment and Planning service act as the perfect bridge to propel your company or personal endeavors towards unprecedented growth.




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